Friday, December 26, 2008

Web 2.0 Tools: Mobango

Mobango is a free, web-based mobile phone content collaboration service. It allows members to upload and publish videos, images, music, themes, and applications typically utilized on a cell phone or PDA. There appears to be quite a bit of free content in these different categories.

Members are provided their own home page that may contain an image and other basic information to include their mobile phone model and country of residence.

Interaction is accomplished by sharing one's home page and through the site's internal messaging service. Communication seems a bit austere compared to other social-networking websites due to the fact that Mobango does not currently offer a real-time chat/webcam capability.

One feature that may set Mobango apart from similar sites is mobile-centric files management. Members may easily access files stored in their WAP folder at the site with either their mobile device or personal computer. This can save on cellular airtime if used in conjunction with local PC-to-mobile synchronization (my method).

There were no hassles with setting up an account and getting started on the site. The interface is easy to use and has very little advertising. As an added bonus, Mobango provides up to 2 GB of file storage at no charge.

// Adolf

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